Woman gives birth to a black child and blames her husband for drinking too much coffee

The events took place at a maternity hospital in the United States, where a 24-year-old white girl gave birth to a beautiful child who weighed 4.2 kg at birth.

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Interestingly, although the mother’s partner is also “white,” the baby was clearly born darker than both, and with clear evidence of being black. After giving birth, and once in the room, the young man asked the creature’s mother for explanations, to which she replied that “it is your fault in this craze that you always drank coffee.”

“Now I feel bad for doubting my partner. It’s true that I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately and that may have influenced it in some way, ”explained the young man who, despite doctors’ recommendation to request a paternity test, flatly declined. “I trust my partner bluntly, she says paternity testing usually fails, so I won’t do it.”

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